Fluorescent Pigments are much brighter more vibrant when compared to normal colours, it is this feature that makes them particularly useful for visual applications that require a high impact.


Glow in the Dark Pigments

Glow in the Dark Pigments are the basic ingredient for most Glow in the Dark products. The primary characteristic that differentiates Glow in the Dark pigments from other coloured pigments is that the pigment absorbs light energy (sunlight, interior light, etc.)

Candy Concentrates & Powders

Candy Concentrates once mixed with a solvent will create extremely vivid, high strength transparent tints which are then added to solvent-based coatings to create candy coloured paints.

With over ten years in the industry we are now one of the longest established companies supplying powdered pigments in Europe. With our knowledge and expertise, we pride our company on our outstanding customer service.

We supply the highest quality pigments to customers worldwide for a multitude of uses; automotive paints, removable dip coatings, cosmetics, nail art, arts and crafts, industry and many more.