Candy Concentrate – Tangerine Orange

Candy Concentrate – Tangerine Orange



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Candy Concentrate – Tangerine Orange

Candy paint concentrate is a highly concentrated liquid colourant that is used to create a deep, rich, and translucent finish on automotive or other painted surfaces. This type of finish is often used to create a unique, customized look on cars, motorcycles, other vehicles and objects.

Candy paint concentrate is typically made from a blend of dyes and pigments that are dissolved in a solvent. The concentrate is then added to a clear coat or base coat, and applied in multiple layers to achieve the desired depth and richness of colour.

One of the key characteristics of candy paint concentrate is its ability to create a three-dimensional effect on the painted surface. This is achieved through the use of multiple layers, with each layer adding to the depth and intensity of the colour. As light passes through the layers of candy paint, it refracts and creates a unique effect that is often compared to the appearance of a candy or gemstone.

Candy paint concentrate is available in a wide range of colours, including red, blue, green, purple, gold, and more. It is often used by car enthusiasts and custom painters to create a one-of-a-kind look that stands out from the crowd.

Traditionally used in automotive coatings however Candy Concentrates can be used in other applications where inks would normally be used.

For external applications where exposure to UV light is unavoidable, UV absorbing additive is highly recommended to prolong the life of the colour.

Candy Concentrates are available in two forms of which one is a powder and the other a pre-dissolved 100ml liquid solution, both versions are identical except for this fact.

Mixing Information

The Candy Concentrates will need to be in liquid form before they can be used. If purchasing the powder version, you will need to dissolve the powder into your chosen solvent, this is usually at a ratio of 5g of powder to 100ml solvent. Various solvents will accept more or less powdered concentrate so we recommend always mixing powder gradually.

Once in liquid form, we suggest a ratio of 10% Candy Concentrate be added to your solvent-based clear carrier or clear topcoat.

Candy Concentrates have the following properties:-

  • High Solubility
  • High Strength tinting power
  • Excellent light fastness with all colours having a minimum of 6 on the Blue Wool sale