Chameleon Pigments

Chameleon pigments are Colour Shifting Pigments, they’re composed of high transparent flake crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Silica, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide. Chameleon colour shift pigments show changing colours and a strong colour flowing effect as you view the colour from different angles.

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Applied over a black undercoat will provide the most dramatic colour shift however some of the Chameleon pigments can be used over other undercoats and even white to create new and exciting colours.

Chameleon Pigments have the following properties:-

  • Good Hiding Power
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Light Fastness
  • Excellent Physical Stability
  • Colour changing Effect
  • Stable up to 450 degrees Celsius

Chameleon Pigments can be used in the following applications:-

  • Coatings including Spray Paints and removable Coatings
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Graphic Arts
  • Plastics
  • Industry
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