Iridescent Pearls

Iridescent Pearl Pigments  or Interference pearls as they can be known are available in a variety of colours and in 3 main particle sizes:

Satin Pearls / Ghost Pearls 5-25 micron: This is our finest particle size and is the traditional pearl finish you see on everything from cars, plastics in the home and in cosmetics/makeup – it offers a very fine colour shift when viewed at certain angles and will totally disappear at others showing whatever base colour used.

Shimmer Pearls 10-60 microns: Shimmer Pearls offer the middle ground of the 3 pearls giving more sparkle than our Satin pearls whilst still giving a nice colour shift at certain viewing angles and will again totally disappear at others.

Sparkle Pearls 10-100 microns: Sparkle Pearls like the name suggests offer the brightest and have the most sparkle of the 3 pearl pigments giving a very fine pearl glitter like effect. Sparkle pearls whilst still giving a colour shift, it will not be as great as Satin or Simmer Pearls.

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Our Iridescent pearls made of tiny transparent mica particles micro-encapsulated in titanium dioxide and can provide a vivid pearl colour over black or a very subtle effect if used sparingly, and an iridescent reflection over other colours such as white.

Iridescent Pearl Pigments have the following properties:-

  • Good Hiding Power
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Light Fastness
  • Excellent Physical Stability
  • Iridescent Pearl Effect
  • Stable up to 1000 degrees Celsius

Iridescent Pearl Pigments can be used in the following applications:-

  • Coatings including Spray Paints and removable Coatings
  • Cosmetics
  • Graphic Arts
  • Plastics
  • Industry
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