2k MULTI-CLEAR is a clearcoat designed with both price and quality in mind. Using the latest resin technology, this clearcoat exceeds all expectations at this price point. Suitable for small area repairs, right up to total repaints it is a truly universal clearcoat that gives excellent results every time. The Multi-Clear has excellent UV resistance to prolong the life of your paint work and is also crystal clear so great over light or dark colours.

Can be air dried over night and polished the next day, or baked in an oven for 30mins  @ 60c and polished after cool down

 Long term results during testing have shown great gloss levels and non yellowing. This is an MS clear but has higher than usual solids for an MS clear which is why it is not labelled as MS clear on the tin. For best results it is recommended that 2 full coats are applied with a 5 minute flash off in-between. 10% thinner can be applied if needed but it is recommended to try it without and adjust spray gun settings if needed.Available with standard, fast and extra fast hardener for different speeds.

Sizes Available:

1.5L kit = MMC1/1.5

7.5L kit = MMC1/7.5



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