Candy Concentrate - Caribbean Blue

CANDY CARIBBEAN BLUE (concentrate) Our Candy colours are truly amazing and very easy to mix and use and can be used for highlights and effects or for vivid full colour work (shown in the picture) This is a very highly concentrated Candy and goes a long way. Sold as either a 5g powder which will need to added to a good quality solvent compatible with the products you are using whereby it will fully dissolve – An example would be for automotive painting you would add 5g of our Candy powder to 100ml of 2k thinner/reducer to give you a 100ml Candy concentrate solution. Or 100ml Candy concentrate solution. To use as a full strength Candy paint we recommend you add 5g/100ml to 1 litre of ready mixed clear basecoat paint or high quality clear coat to give you 1 litre of sprayable Candy paint. For detail and artwork etc we recommend you start with a few drops per 100ml of mixed clear basecoat and increase to get the desired results We have tried our best to capture the true colour in our pictures but the photos really don’t do this colour justice, it really is amazing. Candy paints be used over any base colour as although the picture show is over a fine metallic Silver.


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