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Genuine Spectraflair spray paint.


We are proud to finally bring you the best holographic chrome paint money can buy, we really cant tell you in words how good this is.

Our Holographic Chrome paint is made with the industries best and genuine Spectraflair super fine pigment and at a super fine 20 microns (20um) means it has the best coverage of all holographic paints. This in not like a metal flake as this gives the finest and smoothest finish possible, and requires no special equipment to spray and will work with traditional spraying equipment. Also available in aerosol form

In low light the paint exhibits a liquid Chrome like effect but under any source of light (indoors or outdoors) the Holographic Prizm effect takes over and explodes into a full range of colours, a truly amazing visual display.

This paint is supplied ready to use and does not require thinning.

1 litre covers approximately 4.5 – 5 sqmt depending on the effect required

The paint can be applied over any colour basecoat to achieve different coloured effects with our display photo having a light grey ground coat before 2+ coats of our Holographic chrome fx paint.

Black give the most extreme colour changes.

So simply paint the object to be sprayed with your choice of basecoat colour (ground coat)
Apply 2-3 coats of the Holographic Chrome FX paint
Apply clear gloss coat

Please allow your normal 15 minutes flash of time between each coat