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TULDA PT30 MULTIPRIMER 4+1 HS Acrylic Primer Kit

Technical Data Sheet 400003129
HS Acrylic Primer / Filler 4+1 a filling primer based on acrylic resins. Thanks to a high spray
viscosity, the product can be applied in very thick layers that perfectly repair even relatively large
scratches and irregularities of substrate. The product has a very good adhesion to various
substrates and short drying time. It is easy to treatment, has excellent sanding and good filling
properties – an ideal substrate that guarantees excellent appearance of coatings.
– old paint coatings (including thermoplastic paints),
– polyester putties,
– steel,
– aluminium
– stainless steel,
– wash primers,
– epoxy primers,
– plastics
– polyester laminates.
Substrates preparation:
– old paint coatings: degrease and sand dry P220 – P360,
– polyester putties: finish sand dry P240 – P320,
– steel surfaces: degrease, sand dry P120 – P240,
– stainless steel: degrease,
– plastics: clean with a Silicone Remover and matt using abrasive needled cloth. Again degrease,
apply Adhesion Increasing Agent and Elasticity Increasing Agent
– polyester laminates: degrease and sand dry P280
Colour matching:
Various colour acrylic topcoats can be used. Do not exceed 15 % by volume. Hardener should be
calculated on the whole amount of the colored filler.
Mixing ratio:
volume weight
Acrylic Filler 4+1 4 100
Hardener 4+1 1 15
Acrylic Thinner 20% – 30% 10 – 15
Amount of solvent calculate on primer.
Complementary articles:
Acrylic Thinner.
Ca. 0.5 h at the temperature of 20°C.
Spray viscosity, nozzle, pressure:
As a filler:
20% of Acrylic Thinner
DIN 4/20C app. 70s,  1.61.8 mm, 34 bar
As a sealer:
30% of Acrylic Thinner
DIN 4/20C app. 50s,  1.61.8 mm, 34 bar
Contents of volatile organic compounds:
VOC II/B/c limit* = 540g/l
VOC = 510 g/l
* ready to apply mixture compliant with Directive 2004/42/CE
Apply two or three single wet layers leaving 5 ÷ 10 min time for evaporation after each one.
Evaporation time depends on the temperature and the thickness of the layer. 10 min after the last
layer was applied the coat can be force-dried.
4+1+20% DIN 4/20C ca. 70s 0.5 h./20°C 23X, 34bar 510 min 2 h./20°C P360 – P500 P600-1000
4+1+30% DIN 4/20C ca. 50s  1.61.8 mm 20 min/60°C
Layer thickness:
ok. 50-60 m for each layer.
Drying time:
2 h at 20C;
20 min at 60C, for 150-180 m thickness.
A set (1L of filler + hardener in recommended ratio) is enough to get ca. 5.5 m2 of 100 m thick dry
Recommended abrasive paper:
Dry sand by machine: P360  P500
Dry sand by hand: P400  P500
Wet sand by machine: P600  P1000
Wet sand by hand: P800  P100
Tools cleaning:
NC solvent or Acrylic Thinner.
Storage time and condition:
Store in a dry, cool place, away from sources of fire and heat. Direct sunlight should be avoided.
Acrylic Filler 4+1: 24 months at a temperature of 20°C.
Hardener 4+1: 12 months at a temperature of 20°C.
Acrylic Thinner: 24 months at a temperature of 20°C.