Photochromic Pigment Powder Yellow To Red

Photochromic Pigment Powder Yellow To Red



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Photochromic Pigment Powder –  Yellow to Red

Photochromic pigments are a type of pigment that change colour in response to UV light (Daylight). They are used in a range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, and fashion.
Photochromic pigments contain molecules that are capable of undergoing a reversible photochemical reaction when exposed to UV light. When the pigment is in a darkened state, it appears to be one colour, but when exposed to UV light, the pigment undergoes a chemical change, causing it to appear as a different colour. The colour change is typically reversible, meaning that the pigment will return to its original colour when removed from the UV light source.

One of the key benefits of photochromic pigments is that they provide a dynamic and interactive colour experience, changing colour in response to changes in the environment. This makes them popular in applications where visual effects are desired, such as in fashion or novelty items.
In automotive and aerospace applications, photochromic pigments can be used to create windows or displays that automatically adjust to changing light conditions.
Photochromic pigments are also used in fashion, where they are incorporated into fabrics or accessories to create a unique and interactive visual experience. For example, a t-shirt might change colour when exposed to UV light, creating a fun and playful effect.
Overall, photochromic pigments offer a unique and interactive colour experience that can be used in a variety of applications. They are highly versatile and can be incorporated into a range of products to create dynamic and visually interesting effects.

Photochromic Pigment Powder has the following properties:-

  • Colour Change when exposed to sunlight
  • Good Hiding Power
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • High Light Fastness
  • Excellent Physical Stability

Photochromic Pigment Powder can be used in the following applications:-

  • Coatings including Spray Paints and removable Coatings
  • Cosmetics
  • Graphic Arts
  • Plastics
  • Industry