Holographic Chrome Prism Effect Pigment Powder

Holographic Chrome Prism Effect Pigment Powder



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SpectraFlair holographic pigment is a  light diffractive colourant that generates the appearance of multiple, bright rainbow producing prisms moving over a liquid silver colour. The combination of rainbow-like colour, aluminium core, and high pigment flake diameter to thickness ratio of SpectraFlair pigment create the appealing, iridescent, liquid silver metallic appearance.

The pigment changes from a typical metallic appearance in low illumination, to vivid, multi-rainbow holographic effects in direct light. SpectraFlair pigment is a neutral colour that may be used as the sole colourant or combined with other pigments and dyes to create subtle, sophisticated dimensions in applications such as in paints, resins and more.

SpectraFlair pigment is a multi-layer thin-film flake comprised of magnesium fluoride and aluminium. Precisely controlling the thickness and relief of the pigment’s flake structure produces the diffractive holographic effect characteristic of SpectraFlair pigment.