Perfect Pearls and Pigments

About us:

Perfect Pearls and Pigments is an independent family run business established in 2008. With these 10 years of experience, we have since become one of the longest established companies supplying powdered pigments in Europe. With our knowledge and expertise, Priding ourselves from coming from humble beginnings and being a family run businesses customer service is second to none. 

What do we do?

We supply one of the highest quality pigments to customers worldwide for a multitude of users, even if you think you may not use them. Prepare to be surprised by the versatile uses of pigments! From automotive paints, Removable dip coatings, Cosmetics, Nail arts and Crafts, Industry, and many more.

Where are we based?

We run our online shop from a small town in North Essex, there’s no better time than the present to support small and family-run businesses! Perfect Pearls and Pigments range doesn’t skimp out and offer one of the largest ranges of pigments and work extremely hard to bring out the latest products and trends! And everyone knows how quickly fashion trends turn over! It’s said to be about one year. But let’s be realistic, it changes weekly depending on what’s happening on social media or with the latest celebrity.

Our Best-Selling Pigments:

  • Candy Concentrates & Powders: Primarily used in automotive coating but are also suitable to be used where inks are normally applied.
  • Candy Pearl Pigments: With a beautiful colour selection of semi-transparent pearlescent pigments altering the final product of colour based on the under coast used (Perfect Pearls also supply Undercoats and Primers)
  • Chameleon Pigments: As the name suggests these provide really beautiful colour shifts. These are made of highly transparent flake coating with Titanium, Dioxide, Mica, Or Silica. The angle you look at these colours from is dependent on light and the angle you look at it in. Truly unique. 
  • Fluorescent Pigments: These pigments are more vibrant than many other bright pigments seen on the market. These make a great solution for visual applications with a high effect and they are commonly used under UV blacklight that will make them glow.



Good news is you anyone can buy these straight away after adding them to the basket our safe and secure payment method is always ready on perfect pearls and pigments. However, if there are any questions about feel free to contact us. The best number to call would be 0120 689 0176 alternatively email