pearls and pigments

Our pearls and pigments are a bright and fun way of getting that vibrant and luxurious colour that you want. We offer the pigments in a variety of colours and in fun shapes so that every step of the process of getting the colour that you want is enjoyable. Pearls and pigments are the way for you to get the colour and finish that you desire in an easy and fun way. 

The fun shape and vibrant colours of our pearl pigment powders make for an exciting and fun way to brighten up your paint, giving it new life and an entirely new look. This is a great way to refresh something as it can be used on a variety of surfaces. To make something old look brand news, fresh and sun, this is the way to go. We can offer fantastic advice so that you can get the result that you both want and need. 

When mixed with a solvent, the contents of the concentrated shells will make high strength, transparent tints which will result in brilliant shades of colour. Such as, blue, yellow, green, silver, white, gold, lavender, pink, black, purple, teal, fuchsia, and magenta. Liven up any project, with pearls and pigment products. This can result in something that you had lost interest in being given a new lease on life. Stand out from the crowd with our perfect pearls and pigments. 

Perfect Pearls & Pigments Essex is an independent family-run company that was established in 2008. We are proud that we have managed to beat the odds and have now become a leading company in the industry as one of the longest established companies when it comes to supplying powder pigments. With having a wide array of knowledge and expertise when it comes to this industry and is able to offer incredible customer service as well as an incredible product. We offer our product, not just in the UK but across Europe and the world.

Perfect Pearls and Pigments is a company that know our products. We can help you get the perfect result with experience and excellent customer service that has seen us rise to where we are within the industry. To find out more, email us on or give us a call on (+44) 0120 689 0176.