Fluorescent Powders

Perfect Pearls and Pigments:

At Perfect Pearls and Pigments, we have created high-quality Fluorescent Powders and other wide range of pigments. If you are looking for pigments we have one of the largest ranges and work extremely hard to be up to date on trends and bringing out the latest product that will appeal to a wide range. Perfect Pearls and Pigments have been an independent business since 2008 based in Essex. With over 10 years of experience has since now become one of the longest established companies supplying powdered pigments in Europe.


Ultraviolet make-up. Portrait of a girl painted in fluorescent powder. Halloween concept.

Fluorescent Pigments:

One of our bestselling items is Fluorescent Pigments, They are much more vibrant compared to normal colours, it is this feature that makes them particularly useful for visual applications that require a high impact. Perfect Pearls make these pigments much more vibrant than others on the market. They are commonly used under UV backlight that will make them really glow.

What are they?

The Fluorescent pigments are composed of dyed organic polymers that are formulated to be solvents for the fluorescent dyestuff. The neon glow is achieved and activated in the dark using a UV lamp. The best colours used are yellow, green and magenta. Other colours have been known to have lesser neon glow in daylight conditions. But with perfect pearls and pigments, stocking a wide range of colours from white, blue & dark blue, purple, pinks and oranges as well as the colours that are known to stand out. We have created a formula that there is no limit to colours and will always get that neon glow.




Why use them?

These products can be used for inks, paints and certain plastics. With such a wide range of uses in this one pigment imagine the other ranges that we have? The Applications can be used for fashion, safety, automotive, print and interior and architecture. More day to day uses can be face painting for a festival, dancers’ show, Halloween or special effects. The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in our Fluorescent Powders our sizes range from 5g-25g. They are quick and easy to buy on our website. However, if there are any questions please contact us on 0120 689 0176 or email info@perfectpearlsandpigments.co.uk

Its all in our name Perfect. Perfect Service, Perfect Powders, Perfect Pigments.