Custom Paints Essex

When it comes to Custom Paints Essex, We are most certainly a company that can help you. With our products and wide range of colour, you are sure to be able to find the perfect pigment to ensure that you can create truly unique paint colours and make you stand out from the crowd. With the incredible versatility of our product, you will be able to apply it to almost any surface. 

Perfect Pearls & Pigments Essex is an independent family-run company that was established in 2008. We are proud that we have managed to beat the odds and have now become a leading company in the industry as one of the longest established companies when it comes to supplying powder pigments. With having a wide array of knowledge and expertise when it comes to this industry and is able to offer incredible customer service as well as an incredible product. We offer our product, not just in the UK but across Europe and the world.

Our pigments will allow you to truly customise your paint so that you can imbue your own personality onto what you are painting. If you want something to truly reflect you and your personality, then custom paint is certainly the way to go. We have a long history when it comes to pigments and are more than happy to convey our expertise when it comes to custom paint using our products., we can help you achieve the perfect colour that reflects exactly who you are. 

We supply is for a range of uses. It is perfect for automotive paints, removable dip coatings, cosmetics, nail art, arts and crafts, industry and many more. Our pigments are perfect for any use that you can consider and we guarantee quality with each shipment. We are proud to be able to offer fantastic customer service as well as the quality of the product so you know that you are only getting the best. 

Perfect Pearls and Pigments are a company that are experts when it comes to pigments and that means we are experts when it comes to custom paints. Based in Essex, we supply across the world and offer a large range of colours so that you can be sure that we can offer you the right product. To find out more, email us on, or give us a call on (+44) 0120 689 0176.