Custom Painted Bikes

Perfect Pearls and Pigments are taking the market by storm, introducing a futuristic and innovative range of custom paint products for an exclusive and vibrant experience to your work. For a sublime twist to any of your projects, Perfect Pearls will help you stand-out with colour and energy undoubtedly. Our refreshingly innovative products are designed by industry experts with a passion for art and creativity, available for the best price on our online store. 

Custom painted bikes – a novel and increasingly popular design movement taken part by riders of the humble two-wheeled machines to make everyone’s experience that extra special and of course eye-catching. From BMX pros to the everyday commuter, why not be the black sheep? Our metallic pigments work perfectly for any style or combination you’re looking for, as well as our glow in the dark pigments or why not try our pearl editions too. Next time you hit the skatepark or ride around town, you’ll be one of a kind. Our candy concentrates and powders give a bold and energetic touch to your two-wheeled assistant. Custom painted bikes are the future of showing what you’re made of, we always promote creativity and innovation, we can’t wait to see your designs too!

Examples of our specialist colours include metallic flakes, glow in the dark fluorescent pigments and even thermochromic editions. Our pigments for custom paint are packaged in a fascinating design detailed with the paint ordered. This way, you know exactly how the final outcome will result, making life much more stress-free when designing your work. We also retail fine primers for the perfect underbody to secure a smooth, detailed and satisfying finish to your project. We also offer aerosol paints and accessories to help your masterpiece go beyond expectations to create your very own masterpiece. We can help you create a bike not only to help reflect your ride, but to reflect your personality too. 

For a fascinating and bold approach to custom painted bikes, contact Perfect Pearls and Pigments today. Call 0120 689 0176 or, email to see how our experts can help you.