Custom Paint

Perfect Pearls and Pigments are taking the market by storm, introducing a futuristic and innovative range of custom paint products for an exclusive and vibrant experience to your work. For a sublime twist to any of your projects, Perfect Pearls will help you stand-out with colour and energy undoubtedly. Our refreshingly innovative products are designed by industry experts with a passion for art and creativity, available for the best price on our online store.
The creative industry is evolving in quick succession, therefore it is always important to us to stay head of the time. Our pigments, powders and primers are approved for all varieties of art and creative use, from designing your masterpiece artwork portfolio, eye-catching photography or even for an exclusive and unique redesign of your assets such as bodywork for your car, models or even to simply get creative! Our wide selection of products are inspired and developed by passionate artists and creators, that’s why our products are becoming a smash hit with our happy customers who use our quality tested goods.

Custom paint demand has been rising over recent years, with new technologies allowing us to get creative and experiment with new features, designs and attention to detail to ensure our pigments become perfectly pearled to the highest quality.

Before evolutions in technology, finding the perfect match or specialist colours was near impossible, that’s why it’s our top priority to innovate and refresh artists with our finest pigments and powders.

Examples of our specialist colours include metallic flakes, glow in the dark fluorescent pigments and even thermochromic editions. Our pigments for custom paint are packaged in a fascinating design detailed with the paint ordered.

This way, you know exactly how the final outcome will result, making life much more stress-free when designing your work. We also retail fine primers for the perfect underbody to secure a smooth, detailed and satisfying finish to your project.

We also offer aerosol paints and accessories to help your masterpiece go beyond expectations to create your very own masterpiece.