Custom Paint Vapes

Perfect Pearls and Pigments have been building a fantastic reputation in the industry for high-quality custom paints for the best price. Our innovation and passion for art, design and creativity have been excelling since our story began in 2008. From metallics, fluorescents and all kinds of varieties of pearls, we have the finish to leave your work a masterpiece. If you’re looking to stand-out in colour, intensify the energy of your work or seeking for the perfect colour match, we’ve got you covered. 

Vaping has taken the UK market by storm in recent years. Used either to quit smoking or for the social lifestyle, vaping has quickly become a highly competitive and desirable market. To stay ahead of the pack, innovating fresh ideas and for the ultimate vaping equipment, show it off with style. Our custom paint is ideal for a fresh design of vaping equipment. From starter kits to sub-ohms, do it in style using Perfect Pearls and Pigments. We highly recommend our metallic range or even glow in the dark pigments for the ultimate vaping experience. Alternatively, for a low-key or stealthy approach, our darker pigments suit any style, Our packaging shows exactly how the outcome will result, we’re artists – we know the struggle of finding exactly what you want. That’s why you should come to Perfect Pearls and Pigments for the best solution to your needs. 

 We also retail fine primers for the perfect underbody to secure a smooth, detailed and satisfying finish to your project. We also offer aerosol paints and accessories to help your masterpiece go beyond expectations to create your very own masterpiece. If you have any enquiries about our products, our helpful team will be ready for you. We’re experts in the industry, we can help with any recommendations or advice you need for the ideal creative and unique vaping kit that can reflect who you are. 

For the best in innovation and quality when it comes to custom paint,  contact Perfect Pearls and Pigments today. Call 0120 689 0176 or, email to see how our experts can help you.