Colour changing pigments

Or as we like to call them chameleon Pigments! This is one of our bestsellers. 

Colour changing pigments is something that changes colour when exposed to sunlight or UV light. Which then reverts back to its original colour when sunlight is blocked.  We call them chameleon after the charming animal that it is, chameleons change colour to regulate temperature or to signal intention. However, a cold chameleon may become dark to absorb more heat. One that is hotter may turn pale to reflect the suns heat. They are bold creatures that are reflected in these beautiful pigments.



Chameleon Pigments: These provide really beautiful colour shifts. They are made of highly transparent flake coating with Titanium, Dioxide, Mica, Or Silica. The result is changing colours and strong colour flowing effect which makes their ultimate colour range depending on the angle you look at it from. 

We also provide that are colour changing pigments:



Ultrashift is the very latest in colour shifting pigments with using the most up to date technology. Providing the highest quality materials available to ensure that the range of Ultrashift pigments is the best available compared to anywhere in the world! 

Our colour changing flakes comes exactly as you think, the range of irregular cut flake particles with a 50-350 micron particle size. Flakes are used by artists and for cosmetics along with many more people use pigments internationally. The wide use of applications they have including automotive paints, removable dip coatings, nail art, arts and crafts and many more industries!

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