Blue Pearl Metallic Paint

Perfect pearls and pigment provide high-quality pigments including Blue pearl metallic paint to vamp up any car! We supply customers worldwide for a huge number of uses including automotive paints, removable dip coatings, cosmetics, arts and crafts and more. 

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Pearl vs metallic car paint:

Blue metallic paint along with many other colours has a reflective sheen to it much like a toy car. This metallic sheen comes from powdered metal grains mixed into the paint with the coloured pigment. Typically aluminium specs are what gives metallic paint it’s glittery shimmery colour and making it vibrant.

Pearl paint uses mica to give cars a subtle array of colours. The tiny man-made ceramic crystals reflect and retract light, which varies in what colours you see when you look at the paint. For example, when sunlight bounced off an ivory pearl car you may see glimmers of lavender or silver briefly depending on how the mica split the spectrum also known as iridescence.

Why so blue?

Blue is one of the most popular car choices and it stands out from the most generic car colours like white, grey, black and silver. Using a blue colour has been known to generate strong second-hand prices. With a huge number of 381.591 cars registered as blue. Which represents 16.1% in market share in 2018. You definitely can’t go wrong with a blue car. 


Special paint treatments are becoming increasingly common in average economy-class vehicles. Metallic paint especially used to be only used in high-class sports cars, but not anymore! A statement choice of colour due to it not being just blue but blue pearl metallic paint. To make the best of both worlds with a sheen and an iridescence. 


There is a wide range of colours perfect pearls and pigments do including:
  • Gold/Purple/Red/Copper-Bronze
  • Green/Blue to Violet/Red
  • Violet/Jade/Greem/Neon Blue
  • Blue/Purple/Orange
  • Turquoise/Blue/Purple/Red/Green
  • Violet/Neon Blue
  • Purple/Red-Blue-Green-Typhon
  • Blue to Green Sparkle


blue pearl metallic paint